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This site serves the creation and maintenance of the family tree of the Halffter family and thus the related families.

The goal is, as the page title indicates, to grow from  a "simple" family tree, to a "forest" of as many inter-related families.

Anyone who has something to contribute and wants to do so, is invited to actively participate.

Suggestions and / or references to existing errors, which allmost certainly exist, are appreciated.

Family researchers who have to deal with the here mentioned "non-Halffters" are also invited.

Thomas Halffter

Vom Stammbaum zum Familienwald
This family tree was last updated on 20 April 2014.
Total surnames255
Media objects31
Total events541
Total users1
Earliest birth year1727Gottliebe Gulcke
Birth 1727 -
Death 5 December 1813 (Age 86) - Gilge, Ostpreussen
Latest birth year2012This information is private and cannot be shown.
Earliest death year1776Johann Georg Reck
Birth 14 September 1733 - Fürstenwalde
Death 12 February 1776 (Age 42) -
Latest death year2012 Wilhelm Heinrich Walter Brecht
Birth 27 November 1927 52 36 - Braunschweig, Stadt, , Niedersachsen, Deutschland
Death 29 May 2012 (Age 84) - Braunschweig, Stadt, , Niedersachsen, Deutschland
Person who lived the longest123Walter Löschmann
Birth about 1875 45 29 - Thorn
Death December 1998 (Age 123) - Thorn
Average age at death61Males: 59   Females: 64
Family with the most children9Herrmann Gustav Löschmann + Antonia Marie Rakowska
Marriage 19 April 1863 - Thorn
Average number of children per family1.82 
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